Dental Pain

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Tooth or gum pain is often the reason I see a patient for the first time.  There are nerves in both the tooth (called the Pulp) and in the bone and gingiva, which act as a warning system that something is broken or infected.  Unfortunately, it is not an “early” warning, and “waiting until it hurts” for dental care is a costly way to care for your mouth.

Typically, pain in a tooth comes only when bacteria have reached and are killing the pulp.  Pain in the bone or gums often develops only after significant damage has occurred.  That is why dentist do thorough exams, x-rays , and periodontal evaluations to catch these problems before they reach this level.

Diagnosing problems before pain develops often allows us to do a simple restoration rather than a root canal or even an extraction.  Our goal is to find and correct problems early, saving you money and unnecessary pain.

Dr. Bruce Holes


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