Preventive Maintenance

February 22, 2011  |   Toothfully Speaking   |     |   Comments Off on Preventive Maintenance

During tough economic times, we all are faced with making difficult choices.  Few people have unlimited funds, so we all have to decide what we will do with our money.  Unfortunately, it is easy to ignore our health and postpone needed care when so many other things seem so urgent.

There is a risk, however, of waiting too long and allowing a simple problem to become much more expensive.  A cavity ignored becomes a tooth that needs a root canal rather than a simple restoration.  A delayed cleaning can develop into gum disease that requires surgery.  A postponed crown becomes an extraction and a bridge.  In each of these cases, delay ends up costing you many times more than what you saved by waiting.

A good mechanic can save you from expensive repairs with early intervention or even a simple oil change.  Likewise, your dentist can partner with you in maintaining your oral health and dealing with problems in timely manner.

Dr. Bruce Holes


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