Replacing a Tooth

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Dentists always try to save teeth, but not all teeth can be salvaged. Sometimes major decay, fracture, gum disease, or nerve damage can doom a tooth to removal. How can you replace a lost tooth?

Dentists have many ways to give you a tooth back. If many teeth have been lost, a partial or removable denture can be made to fill in spaces. For a single tooth, your dentist can do a bridge, where crowns on either side of the space suspend a false tooth between them. Another option is an implant, which is a metal cylinder surgically placed into the bone of the extraction socket. After a few months of healing, a crown can be attached to the implant and will function just like the original tooth. Although a more expensive treatment, an implant does not involve grinding down nearby teeth.

If you have lost a tooth and want it replaced, ask your dentist to discuss your options and give his best recommendation.

Dr. Bruce Holes


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